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Xanga Love Quotes


Distance is just a word for lovers
who remain united in their hearts.

To have a lasting relationship,
Ask for less and love more.

Let someone know if you like them
because they might like you too.

Do not choose
the most beautiful partner.
Choose the partner
that makes you feel beautiful.

Love is a fairy tale
where you and me
met on the very first page.

Love is like any other things
that get lost,
it usually appears when
you forget to look for it.

A breakup is also
a wakeup call to find someone
that deserves you.

The best way to love someone
is to love without restraint.

Live a beautiful life.
Dare to dream.
Love passionately.

Follow your heart in love
and your mind will obey.

Love may be a moment in our lives
but it will be remembered forever.

Life plays around with love by letting us
love the right person
at the wrong timing
and love the wrong person
at the right timing.

Love is not blind
but simply doesn't mind
what it usually finds.

Love is a game
for those who play with feelings.
Love is a dream
for those who
don't have someone to love.
Love is *You* for me.

Never give up on love
because love will always
come back to you.

Love is when you meet someone
who did not fulfill any of your standards
but still feels like the *right one*.

A life without love
feels like an eternal winter.


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