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Unrequited Love Quotes


Fight for our future
so we will never have
to cry for our past.

Love let us look back at our memories
but doesn't let us go back to the past.

Loneliness is being only friends
with someone you love.

It was easy to love you
but difficult when I lost you.
It is still easy to love you
but extremely difficult to accept
the fact that you are no longer mine.

Love hurts so much that
I wish I forget how much I love you.

Love is cruel to those who love
without expecting anything in return.

Unrequited love is
l Loving someone who does not
have enough room for you
in his or her heart.

I wish I could stop dreaming about you
because you will never know how I feel for you.

What happens if he
is your knight in shining armor
but you are not his princess?

Giving up on someone who
is not meant for you
is one step closer to
finding your Mr. or Mrs. Right.

A love that lasts the longest
is a love that is never reciprocated.

The reason why I avoid you
is because it is the only way
I can think of to
keep you out of my mind.

Never hold on to a love
that does not want to be held on to.

It is unrequited love
when you cry for someone
who will never cry for you.

Sometimes I wish I was her
so you will love me too.

It hurts to know that
I have done so much for you
but yet mean nothing to you.

A love that you want but cannot have
is an itch that you will never get rid of.


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