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True Love Quotes


True love ensures that there will be
no difference in feelings even though
there is a time difference between us.

When you are ready
to take the plunge into love
please make sure that you can land
without hurting yourself
before you jump.

Love may be blind
but it can still find its way around
without any aid.

Love will always be true to you
if you are true to love.

Time and distance
is a test of true love
to eliminate those who cannot withstand it.

True love means
falling in love with his or her strengths
and accepting his or her weaknesses

True love ensures that
no distance will be too far
as long as you are close to my heart.

True love waits for "no one"
but the "special one"
will always be willing to wait for you
to prove his or love is true.

The best way to love someone
is not to change them to suit yourself
but to encourage them to reveal
the best version of themselves.

You know you love someone
when no matter how hard you try
you cannot forget about him or her.

Finding love is a tough
but rewarding experience
which can benefit you for eternity.

True love never dies
because feelings and memories
can outlast time.

One cannot find true love
if he or she don't even know how it looks like.

I found true love
when my heart met yours.

Love happens no matter you like it or not.

True love requires you
to grow into love
instead of falling into love.


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