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Sweet Love Quotes


We will always be close together
as long as our hearts
remain close together.

The best love song is the sound of
two hearts that beat in rhythm.

Love is sweet when
I know I am the only person
to get the see how amazing
you really are.

Sometimes we have to
go through rough patches in life
so we will be able to appreciate
what we have around us better.

I thought I never love again
when I got my heart broken.
However, you came into my life
and I knew that
it will be different this time around.

Sweet love is knowing
that there is always someone
who thinks and cares about you
when you don't see them.

We might not appreciate
what we had until we lose it,
but we also do not realize
what we have been lacking
until we found it.

Regardless of the number of times
I try to let go and move on with my life,
love comes chasing after me
and drags me back to you.

The deepest hatred stems
from the sweetest love.

When I say I love you forever,
it means loving you for my entire lifetime.

Someone who loves you
will be able to tell you
how beautiful you really are
no matter how terrible you think you look.

I think of you everyday
with a heartache that never eases
at the absence of you.

A short minute spent in your embrace
gives me strength to fight any challenges.

A picture may be worth more than words
but not enough to express my love for you.

Love is a magical feeling
which can be communicated
from heart-to-heart without
using any words.

Everything is possible
when you are dreaming or in love.


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