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Short Love Quotes


Words are not enough
to express how much I love you.

It may be foolish to fall in love
but I will willingly be foolish for you.

The reason why our eyes
are at the front of our heads
instead of the back
is because we are meant to
look ahead in life
instead of backwards.

One sure way of
keeping the love strong
is to always keep "we"
as priority and at the same time
not forget about "me".

You will always wonder
what could have been
if you never take any chances
at love in your life.

Love may lasts only a moment
but take forever to forget.

Love is like a seesaw;
there is an up for every down.
Make sure you are mentally prepared
before getting onto the ride.

Wasting new tears over an old love
is simply a waste of time.

If I were to leave you before you do,
remember that I will
always be in your heart.

Losing you is the
second worst feeling in the world.
The first is knowing that
you did not even think about keeping me.

Love is when the well-being
of another person
is more imprtant than yours.

Why do people have to lose everything
only to find out that they had
everything in the first place.

Love does not need reasons.
It needs a room.

Someone should stop radio stations
from playing sad love songs
when people are trying
to nurse a broken heart.


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