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Sad Love Quotes


The harder I try to forget you
the clearer I seem to remember
everything that you have done for me.

Its sad how our love story
gradually become past memories.

Sad memories slowly disappear
with the passing of time.

The past is a place where
memories stay alive forever.

Letting go of love
is saying goodbye to my life.

Losing you killed me
because I lost someone
whom I loved more than myself.

It is sad how my heart
still pins for you when
you already belonged
to someone else.

The only person
who can cure my heartache
is also the same person
who is plunging
the dagger into my heart.

Tears and sadness amplifies
how pathetic I feel because
I know that no matter what I do,
you will never come back to me.

One of the saddest things in life
is to love someone
who is just next to you
but knowing he or she
will never be yours.

Whoever loves the most
is the weaker one in the relationship.

Time can make feelings dissipate
but make sad memories become clearer.

Loving someone who
does not love you back
is like trying to
smash a brick wall with
your bear hands.

You are the reason why
I know how it feels to be loved.
You are also the reason why
I know how it feels to be hurt in love.

Love can give us strength
to do what we thought we cannot do.
Love can also make us weak
and let us die from a broken heart.


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