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Romantic Quotes


Time is not a good measure
for the love I have for you
because time can be measured.

Fate will let our hearts
locate each other.
The meeting of our hearts
will ignite the passion within us
and dissolve our bodies together.

Missing you becomes easier
with each passing day
because I know that I am
another day closer to seeing you.

Eternal love seems too short
for the love I have for you.

I think of you every night before I sleep
so I can see you in my dreams
after I finally fall asleep.

The only important thing
that matters when we stay up late
talking on the phone is
the fact that I am talking to you.

Whenever you feel lonely,
remember that the spaces
in between your fingers
are spaces where our fingers
will be interlocked together forever.

Time might diminish memories
but never erase the love I have for you.

The best way to remember someone
is to keep his or her name in your heart
because that is where
it will stay for good.

One day I will be gone for good
but I know I will always
remain in your heart.

You are the only person
that can make me smile
even when you are not next to me.

Whenever I am free
my thoughts will wander
until it finds you.

Every air I breathe reminds me of
how lucky I am to have someone to miss.

The best thing that ever happened to me
was finding someone like you
to love and adore.

Your love is what makes
my life worth living for.


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