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Cute Relationship Quotes


True love lets a couple
continue holding hands
even when there are disagreements.

In the laws of attraction
even love has to take a backseat sometimes.

Loving you is my worst ever mistake
but also my luckiest mistake.

A relationship without
any risk and trust
is simply a relationship
that was never based on love.

Everyone thought that
the fastest way to get rich is to rob the bank.
The other equally fast way
is to get into a relationship with someone rich.

If love is the reason
then stupidity is the answer.

A relationship is never a one-way street.
It will never totally be one party’s fault
because it takes two to have an argument
and two to work through all the problems.

It is easy to fall in love
but difficult to continue to
stay in love without hard work.

If love is blind
why do lovers continue to gaze at each other?

Even a lifetime of love is not long enough
for couples to work out their differences.

A positive attitude is the only way
a couple in a relationship
can get through their lives
without any severe damage to their heads.

The best feeling in the world
is being next to your loved ones.
That is probably the reason
why my wife drags me along with her
when she goes shopping.

There will be many people
we will encounter in our lives
but some will make a huge impact on us
and we will never be
the same person we were again.

Assuming your partner knows something
when he or she doesn’t know
is fatal in relationships

Being single is the cure for divorces,
suicides and psychological disorders.

A dumb woman and a deaf man
is the only way there can be
happiness in a relationship.


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