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Pain Quotes


You don't deserve my tears.
You don't deserve my love.
You don't deserve me,
but I deserve to be with you.

The pain of heartbreak
is unavoidable,
but the misery that follows
is optional.

Never hurt yourself
over someone who doesn't care.

Love is a lot like falling down.
You end up with an open wound
which hurts a lot initially
but will heal over time.
After the wound heals,
it may leave behind some scar
to remind you that you once fell.

Finding love let us
experience true happiness,
while losing love let us
feel real pain.

Pain can be temporary
but sad memories will always linger.

Experiencing the pain of lost love
is the greatest lesson
you can learn about yourself.

Time does not erase the pain
but helps you live with it better.

I forced a smile on myself
so that you cannot detect the pain
I experience deep within.

Love is a life changing event;
but so is pain.

Unable to escape our painful memories.
unable to stop missing you.
Unable to let go and move on.
Unable to forget what we once had.

A broken heart is an internal injury
which is oblivious to most people
but potentially fatal.

Clinging on to a broken relationship
is like holding on to a treasure.
You do not want to let go of it
but it is painful to hold on to it.
When you ultimately let go,
your pain is alleviated
but you lost something precious to you.

The act of betrayal
is often more painful
than the pain of leaving you.

No matter what happens
love will bring pain to your life.
The saving grace is that
you get to choose the person
to experience the pain with.


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