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I Miss You Quotes


The pain in my heart
comes from missing you too much.

I miss you so much
that I dream of your every night
and think of you
every moment in the day.

Whenever you are not around
I can't stop my thoughts
from wandering to you.

I never hate you
even though I pretend
to do so in front of you.
I only did that because
I cannot tell you that
I actually miss you.

Missing you is a torment
that can be eased instantly
when I see you.

When you are not with me
I miss your contagious laughter
your comfortable broad shoulders
and most importantly of all.
your cheeky little grin.

I miss you a bit.
A bit too much,
a bit too frequent,
and a bit more everyday.

I miss the old you,
the one who will
hug me when I am sad,
the one who will
wipe my tears when I cry,
the one who will
do anything for his true love.

Missing you is actually
equal to missing me and you
being together.

You left behind a gap
when you left me and
I find myself constantly
pacing around the gap
and tripping over it
as I miss you every night.

I want you out of my life
even though I miss you
because it is the
best ending for everyone.

I constantly hear your voice
even though you are not around me.
I soon realized
that it was my subconscious
telling myself
to never forget about you.

I miss you when I am troubled
I miss you when I am happy

Missing you can turn
from misery to joy
if I know you are missing me too.


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