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Love Quotes For Him


He is witty and cute.
He is sweet and lovable.
To top it all, he is your type of guy.
I might not have mentioned any names
but I bet you thought of him
as you read this.

I love him more than he really knows.

He might not be Prince Charming
But he is the perfect guy for me.

I love you because you can see
the best side of me
when nobody can.

I still fall in love with him everyday.

I love him. Everything of him.
This includes his silly jokes, unkempt hair,
mischievous antics and bad fashion sense.
I even love his fat tummy
which is growing at a blistering pace.
To sum it all, I love him just the way he is.

Everyday we spend together
is another favourite day of my life.

My favorite love story begins when I met him.

I love him because he is my boyfriend
But I hate him for the way he treated me.

I love him and he loves me.
Nothing else in the world matters.

I like you because
you make me happy
and I love you because
you are always there for me when I am sad.

I love him despite not knowing
when did I start loving him,
what do I love about him,
where did I start my love for him,
or even why do I love him...

Loving him means letting him
find his own happiness
even though it does not involves you.

I love the way he loves me
that makes me feel as if I am
the centre of his universe.

Happiness is finding someone
who loves me for who I am today
and not for what
he hopes I will be tomorrow.

He is the only one that can
evoke a thousand feelings in me
all at the same time.

One lifetime is too short
for us to be together.


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