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Love Quotes For Her


If love is the reason,
there is never too much trouble.

A heart that loves you
is a heart that cannot give up on you.

You know you love her when
she is the first and last person
you think of for each
and every day of your life.

Even though she left me
broken and torn
I will always remember her
as an angel and love her always.

My love for her is deep and true
irregardless of what others think.

Loving her is an easy decision to make
while trying to make her love me back
is the most difficult task ever.

How do you forget about her
if she is the one you have been waiting for
throughout your life?

Love is when you realize everyday that
you love her more today
as compared to yesterday.

Loving you is the
biggest mistake of my life
but it also had the
biggest impact on my life.

I love her the moment I met her.

Loving her means letting go of her
even though it tears you up inside.

Your love brought new light
into my world of darkness.

I love her and that is why
I will say goodbye to her
because it is for her own good.

Don’t wait to say
“I love you” to the one you love
because the wait
could end up lasting for years.

"I love her" and it really is as simple
or as complicated as that.

If loving her brings you misery
then it is time to give up on her.

I love her and her only
even though there are
billions of people in this world.


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