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Love Quotes For Facebook


A Facebook account
is the fastest way to find out
what everybody around you
is thinking about
without asking them personally
- whether you like it a not.

One of the easiest way
to be happy is to
forget about the things
that make you sad.

There was a time when
people wrote all their troubles
in diaries and got angry
when people read them.
people write all their troubles
online and get angry
when nobody reads them.

The words “I love you
is usually said
with a large “I”
but with a small “you”.

It is easy to tell someone
you love them online
- just as it is also easy for someone
to ignore or reject you flat online.

Sometimes I wish love
can be as easy as updating
a Facebook relationship status.

The best way to show that
you are very much in love
is to give your partner the attention
he or she deserves rather than
showing off on Facebook
about how in love you are.

Whenever there is a conflict
between the brain and the heart
it is always the liver
that have to endure the torture.

Dance like nobody’s watching you…
and why will you post this on Facebook
if nobody’s watching?

Sometimes the heart gotta do
what the brain is unable to process.

This is the post for
all of you out there
to actually stop stalking
others on Facebook and
start doing some
actual work in your office.

If you ever have to wonder
about how important you are
to another person in a relationship
It is probably time to stop wondering
and start finding a new partner.

Give real life a chance.
Delete your Facebook account.


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