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Love Quotes And Sayings


There is no need to think
about love because feelings
will guide us through.

Love may only visit you
once in a lifetime but
you will remember it forever.

You know its true love
when he or she loves you
and accepts all
your shortcomings and bad habits.

Love lets the heart sees
what the mind
cannot comprehend.

Love grant us the freedom
from the harsh
realties of life

Those who have been hurt in love
knows how to love another person properly.

Love is the reason why
a tired man goes to the movies
with his girlfriend
and ends up sleeping through it.

Eternal love is shorter than
the love I have for you.

Love is the prize that most people
will gladly pay any price for it.

A man is lucky
if he a woman's first love
and luckiest
if he is a woman's last love.

Love is the right to
interfere in each other's lives.

The objective in life
is to find someone
you can love insanely
and who will also love you back
in a similar way.

Someone who sincerely loves you
will also sincerely accept you
for everything you are.

Love is the connection
between hearts.

Love is never perfect
and it usually doesn't have
a happily ever after either.
Love is about rising above challenges
and grinding through
the hardships together.
Love is putting in your best effort
to make the relationship work.
Love is a four letter word
that everyone can spell easily
but difficult to explain
and impossible to live life without.

Loving ourselves is the first step
to loving others.


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