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Love Proverbs


A couple's quarrel
lasts for only as long as
the length of the bed.
- Chinese Proverb

Love will overcome all darkness.
- Burundi Proverb

The strength of love
can help scale any mountain.
- Czech Proverb

We might have the deepest love
but a shallow fate.
- Chinese Proverb

It is the small things
that a woman do
that makes a man
loves her so much.
- Ghanian Proverb

Nobody can seperate you
from your fate in love.
- Italian Proverb

The one whom you love most
will also make you cry.
- Spanish Proverb

If you love a house
you will also love the crow that stays in it.
- Chinese Proverb

Our love might be old
but it will not rust.
- German Proverb

Do not seek eternity in love
but treasure the love you have now.
- Chinese Proverb

Someone who loves you
will warn you of any impending danger.
- Baganda Proverb

Work on his stomach
and you will get love.
- Czech Proverb

If you cannot get the love you want,
it might be better to
look closely around you.
- French Proverb

Having love in you life
is happiness;
Living your life for love
is foolishness.
- Chinese Proverb

Love is evil,
it can even make you love a sheep.
- Russian Proverb


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