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Love Hate Quotes


I hate that all that remained
of our love are memories.

Hate is a disease
which can only be treated by love.

The best way to let go of a past love
is to find happiness.

I hate you because
you caused me to be in so much pain
and I also hate myself because
I knew even with all these pain
I still want you back.

The mind knows that
this ending is best for everyone
but the heart feels that
this ending is definitely
not right for the both of you.

You cannot heal a broken heart with money
but money can slowly help nurse
your broken heart to become whole again.

The cycle of love is such that
one will experience
the beautiful feeling of deep love
before going through
the wretched pain of lost love.

Waiting for love
is the torment in your heart
that slowly eats you alive.

You cannot lose a love that you never had.

Deep love instill strength
while deep hatred instill bitterness.

Pain is a common reaction
to both love and hate.

I will always remember our love for
all the wonderful things that we shared
and forget the bitterness
that ended our relationship.

I was heartbroken and devastated
when you left me until I realized that
I should not give up on myself
just because you have given up on me.

The hatred that I bore for you
is derived from the deep love
I had for you when we were together.

You ruined my life and
I should let you go
but that would mean
letting the love of my life go.


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