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Lost Love Quotes


Time passes by and everyone
move on with their lives
while I remain rooted
to the same place where you left me.

The only medicine
for the lovesick is love.

Just when I thought
I had forgotten about you,
your smile made
all the memories come rushing back.

I deceived myself
that I no longer miss you
even though you appear
in my dreams everyday.

Time might let memories fade
but make feelings become stronger.

Sometimes I wish I have amnesia
because the memories of you brings loneliness.

Hanging on to a past love
could mean forgetting
about the people who currently love us.

Moving on is forgetting about people
who do not deserve a place in our future.

I lost my soul and body when I lost you.

It is sad how someone
who used to be your *only one*
can suddenly leave you in a split second.

Everybody that has
experienced lost love
will understand the loneliness
that accompanies it.

I died the day you left me
and realized that even death
was not as painful as losing you.

We have to let go of those
we really love so that
they can return to us
when they realized
what they have given up on.

Losing a loved one
leaves a hole in the heart
that can never be mended.

I am satisfied that I once had you in my life
even though I lost you.

I can live without water or food
but I cannot live without you in my life.

Do not wait until you lose someone
to tell them how much
they mean to you
because it would have been
too little and too late by then.


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