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Falling In Love Quotes


Love was never just about
falling in love with the right person.
It is also about having
and maintaining the right relationship.

Falling in love is usually
just the start to a lifetime of troubles.

I smiled when I met you
because I knew I have found
the one I love.

Love is never just about
how much you have at the start
It is also about how much love
you have build on and
accumulated until the end.

All lovers are risk-takers by nature
because why else will someone
take a risk on something as risky as love?

By the time you realized
you are falling in love
It is already too late.

Falling in love was the easy part.
It is staying in love that requires a lot of effort.

The moment that we met our love
is always so clear and concise
because from that moment on
nothing will ever be the same again.

Falling in love requires
a great deal of optimism
and little common-sense.

We can overcome all obstacles together
as long as our hearts remain as one.

We tend to fall in love with the wrong person
so that we can notice the right person
that have been waiting for our love all along.

My heart is the only place
where I can keep you close
no matter the distance
we have in between us.

You have fallen in love if
he or she is the first person
you thought about in the morning
and last person you thought about
before you sleep at night.

Everything is possible when in love.

If lovers are sinners,
then I will sin for you
for the rest of my life!

Love always appear
when you stop looking for it.


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