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I Love You Quotes


No matter how far apart we are,
as long as we know we care,
it feels like you are right there.
Whenever I feel down,
I comfort myself that
you are always there,
to support me and
wipe away my frown.

We are entwined
in the strings of destiny
unable to escape our fate of love.

I love you” are
three simple words
which convey
my lifetime of feelings for you.

Nothing lasts forever.
But I know our love will.
Especially the memories and love,
will forever be etched in my heart.

My love for you has grown
and will only get stronger with time.

I love you and I will wait for you
for my whole life if you need me to.

You are the only person
whom I can find new things to love about everyday
even though we have been together for many years.

I will always keep you in my heart
No matter how far we are from each other.

I love how you can make me happy
by doing absolutely nothing at all.

Right from the very first day we met,
I knew I love you.

Somewhere deep within my heart,
is filled with traces of you.
Of your gentle kisses;
Your soft whispers;
And of the sweet love,
warming me up on this cold night.

I love you not because of
who you are or how you look.
I love you because
you are the one
who can brighten up my day
no matter how bad it is.

How can I live without you?
By keeping you in my heart forever.

I love you because
you added a purpose to my life
the day you entered it.

I will give up anything
to be part of your world.

Giving my heart to you
is the best way I can think of
to remain close to you.


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