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Hurt Quotes


When you decide to break all ties
on any painful relationship,
Make sure you
burn all loose strings as well.

The love that you once had
is the love that hurt you the deepest.

It hurts to know
that I could never forget you
the way you have
forgotten about me.

Sometimes it hurts so much
that the tears can't flow.

I never want to stop dreaming
because that is the only place
where I can see you.

Love is about opening your heart
to the possibility of being hurt.

We forget about the hurt
we once felt as time passes
but we will never forget
the love we once shared.

The reason why we continue
loving each other even though it hurts
is because we believe in the love we have.

The best place to cry
is in a thunderstorm,
because that is when
no one knows if you are crying.

The best way to not get hurt
when falling in love
is to find someone
that will catch hold of you
no matter what.

It hurts me the most
to find out that
I don’t matter to you at all.

The irony of love is that
you only realized how much
you love a person when
you get hurt by them.

The deepest hurt usually
is a result of the deepest love.

Love truly and deeply
and even if you get hurt
you will never have
any regrets in your life.

The only way to stop hurting
is to make people who hurt you
get out of your life completely.

Just when I thought
I have forgotten about you,
I saw something about you
and the memories of us
flash through my mind.


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