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Heartbreak Quotes


It is impossible to forget someone
who will always appear
whenever we close our eyes.

Sometimes we have
to get our hearts broken
so that we can find our true love.

There is nothing to live for
when there is no love.
Hence, never stop
loving people around you.

Love is not the right
to control a person you love.

On the surface, I tell myself
that I have forgotten about you
and the relationship is over.
Deep down inside, I hope
that we will get back together someday.

Do you know how much I love you?
Do you know how much I dote on you?
Do you know that ever since you broke up with me
I feel a whole world of torment inside me?

I once thought we will remain together forever
but you left me and forever became history.

There is no sweetness in my life without you,
just like how a coffee tastes without sugar.

Ever since the day of heartbreak,
I have pretended that nothing ever happened.

It is sad how the only person that can hear
the sound of a heart breaking
as it smashes onto the floor is the person
who had his or her heart broken.

When you left me,
you forsake our sweet memories
and let me to live a life of solitude.

As the years pass by,
I realized that the tears
that we share make me laugh
and the laughter
that we enjoyed make me cry.

Getting your heart broken
is one of the essential steps
to finding true love.

Its difficult to understand how
you can forget about someone
whom you used
to call your *only one*.

Sometimes it is not easy
to forget someone
because everytime
we try we are reminded
of everything that we have put in.

Losing you made me realize
that I will always love you
even with my broken heart.

Time can heal a broken heart
but one can still feel the pain while healing.


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