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Funny Love Quotes


Being in a relationship is a necessity
while getting married is a luxury.

The reason why men and women
should not marry is because
they want to remain in love.

Any woman that aims to
win a man’s heart through his belly
is aiming a tad too high.

Do not make fun
of your girlfriend choices
because she chose you too.

Love is being ridiculously silly
but yet happy together.

Love is the reason why
a man can spend a whole day shopping
without buying anything for himself at all.

If you are heartbroken
you would have been dead.
So shut up and get on with life.

No relationships can work out
unless a guy can interpret
what his girlfriend is not saying.

Love is like gloves
you need a pair of them
and they must be matching.

The best way to remember your wedding anniversary
is to forget about it for one year.

Give love a chance
have as many girlfriends as you can.

Every man wants a woman
who is pretty, considerate and a great cook.
However under the laws of the country
polygamy is not allowed.

Adding alcohol to fire
as the same effect
as adding alcohol to a party.

Those who love at first sight
often do not take into account
of their poor eyesight.

Love is like playing a chess.
Make a wrong move
and one will be mated.

A relationship is a workshop
where the boyfriend work
and the girlfriend shops.

Marriage is like obese people
majority of them don’t work out.

Do not trust anybody that can
bleed for seven days and won't die.


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