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Friendship Love Quotes


It is impossible to remain
“just friends” with an ex
if you still have feelings for him or her.

True love is the best friend
whom you fell in love with.

Strangers are simply friends
who are yet to be acquainted.

The trick to making friends
is to be more interested
in other people
rather than in yourself.

Best friends are the family members
which you chose for yourself.

Love can begin from a friendship
but never end with a friendship.

Good friends never
let you do stupid things alone.

It is better to have a few best friends
who care about what happens in your life
than numerous friends who are
only interested in what happens to their lives.

Being crazy with your friends
is the only way to build a proper friendship.

When you gain a true love,
chances are you have also found a true friend.

A true love is willing to die for you
while a true friend is willing to die with you.

Love and friendship are the only two things
which add meaning to our lives.

The true value of friendship
is only known when trouble strikes.

A true best friend is the sibling
that you always wanted since young.

It is always complicated
when people mix up friendship with love.

A good friend will help
you get out of trouble
while a best friend
will get into trouble together.

True friends are people
who kick us in our backsides
when we deserve one.

Good friends are people
who disturb you all the time
so that you will never have to feel lonely.


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