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Broken Heart Quotes


You once said that
you never want to see me in pain.
Does it mean that
your eyes were closed
when I was crying?

Love is a curse that usually
ends with broken hearts.

Don't ever quit
if you can still try.
Don't ever stop crying
if the tears are still flowing.
Don't ever stop questioning
if you still want answers.
Don't ever say you do not like him
if you cannot let him go.

If we are not meant for each other,
we are not right for anybody else.

The truth hurts a lot
but the pain will heal
much faster than a lie.

Expectations are the reason
why a broken heart hurts so much.

It is very simple to fall in love
but simply dreadful to fall out of love.

It is better to be wounded
from a broken glass than a broken heart.

The tears in my eyes are
a reminder to the pain in my heart.

Saying goodbye can sometimes be
another way of saying
“I love you but I am sorry.”

Nobody ever dies from a broken heart
although many of them feel as if they did.

The head knows what is right for you
but the heart is the one controlling you.

Our loved ones who have left us
may not be with us in person
but will always be with us in our hearts.

Every broken heart can be healed
by the right person with a scotch tape.

The best antidote for a broken heart
is another loving heart.

It would not have hurt
so much to let you go
if I actually had your heart
in the first place.

Heartbreaks make us indulge in sadness

Loving someone who hurts you
is like self-mutilation.
It hurts a lot but
you can’t stop yourself from doing it.

I consider myself lucky to have a broken heart
Because it means I have once loved and be loved.


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