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Break Up Quotes


Breaking up is not such a bad thing
if it lets you learn from your mistakes
and improve yourself as a person.

Love hurts because
we put in a lot of effort
to love too deeply
such that we forgot to retain
a bit of love for ourselves

A breakup feels like
you are being forgotten
in the far corner of the world.

Everyday we are apart
feels like another day where
I have to learn to fight
against loneliness again.

Watching you walk away from my life
and seeing the distance
between us expand is
one of the worst things
to ever happen to me.

Breaking up and letting go
doesn't mean that you are fragile!
It simply means that
you are tough enough to move on!

Love is never fair
And that is why you can move on,
while I still reminisce about our past.

Loving the wrong person
is the best lesson one can ever learn.

"We were not meant to be"
is a convennient excuse
to give up on love.

Breaking up and letting go
of someone whom you love
but doesn't loves you back
is the right choice as compared to
suffering alone by yourself.

I was depressed when you left me
until I realised that it was your lost and not mine
because you left the only person
who will never give up on you.

Sometimes we leave people we love
so as to let them know
how much we really love them.

Breaking up just after
getting back together
is like smashing my heart
into a million pieces
right after patching
everything back together.

Forgiving is the first step
to forgetting about a heartbreak.

Holding on to someone
that will never be yours
will only make you tired and broken.

Breaking up leaves a
permanent scar in our heart
that will ache whenever
we are reminded of our past love.

Getting over love feels like
giving up on life
except that its much more difficult.


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