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I love u quotes bear


i love u sweets

I Love U Quotes

i love u sweets


Love hurts because
we put in a lot of effort
to love too deeply
such that we forgot to retain
a bit of love for ourselves.
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Loving someone who hurts you
is like self-mutilation.
It hurts a lot but
you can’t stop yourself from doing it.
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A relationship is never a one-way street.
It will never totally be one party’s fault
because it takes two to have an argument
and two to work through all the problems.
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One of the easiest way
to be happy is to
forget about the things
that make you sad.
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Falling in love requires
a great deal of optimism
and little common-sense.
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True love means
falling in love with his or her strengths
and accepting his or her weaknesses
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We might not appreciate
what we had until we lose it,
but we also do not realize
what we have been lacking
until we found it.
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When you decide to break all ties
on any painful relationship,
Make sure you
burn all loose strings as well.
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Time might let memories fade
but make feelings become stronger.
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Its sad how our love story
gradually become past memories.
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I love you” are
three simple words which convey
my lifetime of feelings for you.
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The reason why our eyes
are at the front of our heads
instead of the back
is because we are meant to
look ahead in life
instead of backwards.
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